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  • What are the necessary preparations and materials for applying for business restructuring subsidies?
    G Biz ID is a company ID that allows you to perform various electronic application procedures for companies, including subsidy applications. Think of it as the corporate version of My Number. A “gBizID Prime Account” is required to apply for business restructuring subsidies. It usually takes about two weeks from the procedure to the issuance of a G Biz ID. It may take longer than that when the number of electronic applications increases, such as for subsidy applications, so it is recommended to start the procedure for obtaining a G Biz ID as soon as possible. This is to be submitted when applying for the business reconstruction subsidy. After reviewing this business plan, it is decided whether the company can be eligible for the business restructuring subsidy. Creating a business plan takes a lot of time. Rather than creating a business plan by yourself, it will be easier to create it with the support of a support organization or an expert such as a small and medium enterprise consultant. These are the documents that will be required after the business restructuring subsidy is decided. Keep all documents related to goods purchased with subsidies, such as cost estimates, contracts (order forms and order confirmations), specifications, delivery notes, invoices, bank transfer receipts, etc. let's go This document is required at the stage of reporting the results after the business reconstruction subsidy project is completed. Documents such as actual photos of purchased equipment, program source code, screen captures, flyers and pamphlets are required to confirm whether the expenses have been used as requested.
  • When can I apply for business restructuring subsidies?
    The schedule is expected to be as follows. January 2021: Third supplementary budget passedScheduled for March 2021: Acceptance of applications for business restructuring subsidiesAround July 2021: Examination of business restructuring subsidiesAround August 2021: Announcement of adoption results for business restructuring subsidiesAround September 2021: Decision to grant business restructuring subsidies If this schedule is adopted for the business restructuring subsidy, the subsidized project period will be from September 2021 to around July 2022. In that case, it is expected that the results will be reported in August 2022 and the subsidy will be paid in September 2022.
  • How to apply for Business Restructuring Grant? Is acceptance only electronic application?
    Business restructuring subsidies are specified in the business outline of the supplementary budget proposal of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as "*Only electronic applications are accepted for this project." You have to do it from jGrants. Applying through jGrants requires gBizID Prime, a G-Biz ID.
  • What is the adoption rate for business restructuring subsidies? Will my application pass?
    The business restructuring subsidy has a budget proposal of 1,148.5 billion yen. The adoption rate is expected to be high due to the business purpose of supporting companies affected by the new coronavirus infection. Although the types are different, past subsidies have an acceptance rate of about 70 to 90% at the time of initial application. However, since projects that are expected to achieve their performance targets will be selected in the screening process, the completeness of the business plan submitted at the time of subsidy application is important.
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